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Soviet Dog Experiment

thedogisdead in internalrealms

Interesting dream (dream record)

I think I had gone to work or something and was on my way home when I somehow stepped into a Spirit place. At first I was terrified, there was some scary ghosts around, all looking like they'd stepped straight out of a Japanese horror story. Pale women screaming, traditional-looking ghosts, and even more familiar creatures like Tengu were there. It reminded me of that scene in Pom Poko, but it was very scary in-dream.

In the fields I could see kitsune-bi in bright blues and purples, families of ghosts sat at the side of the road but I wasn't afraid of them, in fact I started a conversation asking what the bright lights were. After they said what it was, a single 'flame' of orange kitsune-bi popped up behind me, illuminating a spirit fox tail which I never noticed before.

After I recieved this 'gift' I went into a small urban area, and noticed that fox spirits/kitsune were living in the area, all standing on their hind legs, dressed in yukatas and similar wear. A father kitsune had come out of his house to toss some water out, and stood there, still, staring at me, his whiskars twitching. I stared back, and shortly his wife came out too, standing next to him, and they both stared again. Eventually I moved on.

I passed some people who noticed my spirit-tail and stared at it before either running away, or acting like they'd hit a lucky jackpot.

All through this dream I was trying to text my Dad to pick me up D| The time, when I looked at the phone, was almost 3am. I don't remember how it ended, but it was a very interesting dream :0