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Soviet Dog Experiment

thedogisdead in internalrealms

Dream record

For myself, but comments are wlecome.

The rest of the dream... I don't remember, so I'm assuming it's not important. One part of it though, everything seems to 'stop' and I was holding a snake, which I think was coloured red, white and black (like a king snake). It was small and then I went 'watch!' to the person standing next to me.

In front of my eyes, the snake wriggled out of it's skin and became a colourful large moth, it was beautiful. The moth flew up and away, and as we watched it, I instantly knew that this was very significant, and that I should record it. In-dream, it felt like I was watching a very special event.

Snake is one of the totems I work with, but I've never worked with Moth before.
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