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Soviet Dog Experiment

thedogisdead in internalrealms


I had a dream las night about a large Shinto shrine located in a small park with a resteurant and other stuff. I only saw the torii in the distance and never got to it though. This occured after I asked Inari-sama to influence my dreams again.

EDIT: Dreamt of this same Shrine again, a few nights ago (2nd June 2009)

I did some card readings for myself tonight and asked about my financial situation. Apparantly the money is there, but I can't see it. Once I do I'll have to make some kind of decision over two things (though the decision need not be final). Travel and wider horizons were hinted at, it was good, anyways. I'll be well off once I get through this transition period and get a hold on my decisions. When I asked about my job, Ace of pentacles popped out and so I took that as a very good sign!

Lizard came into my life as a totem tonight. I've been working with and reading up on them a lot, but tonight he spoke to me (through my cards) and agreed to work with me in order to 'tune' me better, as well as some other things. His species is a sand lizard (Lacerta agilis).

Male Sand lizard, Crooksbury, 2006 Pictures, Images and Photos

Thank you, Lizard!