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Soviet Dog Experiment

thedogisdead in internalrealms


As of today I'm working with Goose as a totem. She mentioned various things, but seemed intent on repeating that life never stands still, it always flows, no matter what I think. I won't be in this same place ever again, with these same circumstances, SOMETHING will be different. She wants to work with me and my emotions/human relationships, and also attraction of positive things.


Emphasis on clearing; all my ritual tools have been put away, and a bowl of water, containing pearl beads (8, as geese are associated with 8, the number of infinity) and a quartz crystal. No matter how much I changed the beads, one sank, so I took this as a sign of imbalance I need to work towards. The feathers are phesant, I think, as I don't have any goose, but she didn't mind. The male and female candles were replaced with neutral, identical ones, though the male/female diety statues remain.