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Soviet Dog Experiment

thedogisdead in internalrealms

Dream record

I was in some kind of village, with a hill behind it. On the hill was a rather large fox statue (note fox, not a 'kitsune' style, but an actual fox.) The village was preparing for a festival of some sort, and I couldn't find some artwork I had done for it anywhere. I was getting quite annoyed and such. I was a boy, perhaps 16 or so and I had dark brown hair.

At some point in the dream, I heard people saying that the fox God was perhaps angry for some reason, and they mentioned there was a hole in front of her statue. Wondering about this, I trekked up the hill, and noticed the hole. For some reason I had a smaller, rounder fox statue (kind of like a maneki neko) with me, and placed it into the hole, facing the larger statue. The fox God liked this a lot, and sent out a very small Lung/Japanese dragon into the air. It reminded me somewhat of a dragonfly, and was silver and mint-green in colour. It had long, thin wings, which again moved like a dragonfly. Just by looking at it I could tell that it was a lucky dragon, and it flew down to the village.

When I had returned, the festival had started, there was interesting looking food everywhere (maybe Chinese?) and people wearing masks and heavy clothing. I approached the village elder; I needed to tell him that the reason the village had has bad luck recently was because she had been neglected - her shimenawa and shide had long flown away, no one visited anymore and the weather was wearing her down badly. He didn't question me when I told him this, but didn't really look like he'd do anything about it, either.

After that I ran to some friends, who completly ignored me for some reason, and I don't remember why. Something to do with being too close to the God.