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Sep. 1st, 2008

Zack - *smiles*


Animal Oracle Card Reading Feedback

This is for the reference of other people who wish to get card readings from me. If you have had a reading from me, please fill out the form below with your comments and rating.

Total #:[6]
Positive (+): 6
Neutral (=): 0
Negative (-): 0

When you leave feedback, please fill out this form:

Please be truthful in your comments! If something in the reading confused you or didn't make sense, let me know, same goes with anything which really helped or stood out. Feedback helps me immensly and I appriciate it a lot :)

Aug. 28th, 2008

Hikaru and Kaoru - Unique


Animal Totem Meditation - Doe

I decided to start meditating on my Animal Oracle card deck. I'm going to pick cards at random and meditate in an attempt to commune with the many spirits I talk to during my readings. Last night's was the White Doe/Hind.

I placed the Doe card on my chest, placing the Doe skull I have on my lap and placing one hand on the braincase, one on the nose. I asked the spirit to guide my meditation to see the spirit of Doe.

I started in a vast field, untouched by man and very beautiful. Brown deer were everywhere, and one white Doe stood in the middle, and walked towards me. When she started speaking to me, we ended up in a secluded cave, her kneeling next to me. Her voice sounded like that of a 50-60 year-olf woman, though she looked young.

The first thing she said was 'Be patient in your relationship', and she kept emphasizing this. She went on to tell me I am very lucky for all the love I recieve, even if I don't even notice it a lot. The second thing that stood out what she said was 'Love is Fragile'. She seems to be in charge of relationships, both partners and family/friends.

I left the meditation with a wonderful loved feeling, maybe a little too much as I couldn't sleep afterwards. Oh well. I'm looking forward to tonights meditation a lot :3

Aug. 26th, 2008

Zack - Too young to die/*emo*


Inspired by a post by flying_songs

I wonder a lot about what's out there. Does anyone hear our prayers or are we just mumbling into a void or nothingness? But then, if we're just simply praying to ourselves, perhaps we're then putting those wants and needs into the universe and allowing ourselves to mentally remove the barriers we put up. I like to believe that we, ourselves, can control our own lives, but yet it's human nature to want to believe in a higher force, something to turn to when no-one else will listen, when we're truley alone.

But it would be bad for me to say that I DON'T believe in higher forces. I prayed to God in times of true desperation as a child and he helped me. I've prayed for things from various deities and recieved them, I've cast spells and they've works. I've been shown, and I am convinced that magick really does exist and if it's just humans forcefully changing their own destiny then so be it. It just proves how amazing we really are.

Now my beliefs lie purely in Nature. I don't believe theres a big old bearded man sitting in a throne up there, and I don't believe in hell, either. I believe in light and dark spectrums of being, and entities which emerge from both, but Heaven and Hell, in my opinion are merely human inventions in an attempt to tame masses of people. No, my 'house of God' is in the woods, on the beach, in the mountains. Places where I really believe Spirits of Nature exist, and live. Places untouched by man. I think the 'religion' of Shinto captures rhis ideal well, which is one of the reasons I'm so intrigued by it.

I've completly forgotten why I wrote this entry. So inspired by Momo, I think I'll post my prayers here pubically. Sometimes.

I come humbly to the spirits of Nature and Sacred forces of the Universe which I worship, and ask you to continue to guide me in life. Please help me ensure I can maintain my finances in the coming months, and please guide me through college. I call upon the Sacred Earth energy to keep myself and my money grounded in the following months. Blessed Be.

Aug. 7th, 2008

Dino and Mukuro - ....idk


It's been a while...

But that's just going to be typical of this blog. With my busy lifestyle and such, my Pagan/Wicca stuff just seems to get pushed to the side. I need to try and overcome that. My spiritual path really should be of more importance to me, and will only be beneficial.

Anyways, I finally got around to posting on solitarywiccans, so I thought I'd share it here, as it talks about my spirituality and path, and my background, while I don't think I've really shared that here.

Cut for lengthCollapse )

The card readings... hrm, DO apply here. But if you've already had one, of if I know you too well, please don't ask. It sounds harsh but I want to try and develop my skills and it doesn't help if I know/understand you. Of course, I'll do one for you another time, just not right now.

Wow, it's 4am, and I've been up since 3. And it feels good. I had a decent sleep last night, decent meaning that I only woke up about twice. I went to sleep around 9.30pm, because I have work at 6am. Maybe I should ask to work more early shifts, it'd be a good schedule to get into, seeing sunrise and all that. The little things make me appriciate life so much more.

Also, I'm going to start taking trips, to my old 'dwellings'. The woods where I grew up... the castle in Caergwrle and Conway, the packhorse bridge.. all these places contain amazing energy and history and I just... theres so much beauty and history around, and I don't see it because I'm always stuck online. Life is physical for a reason.

Blessed be.

May. 8th, 2008



Card Reading

Taken, thankyou

I'm opening for one card reading tonight (6th May), around 8-9pm UK-London time.

I use Celtic-based animal 'totem' cards, and read based on the directions, and the medicine wheel. I don't use a book for my readings, it is all from my intuition, and each card tends to read differently each time I read it.

The reading will be done via email, for tonight. You may email me back as much as you wish to ask further questions. Initially, please leave your email here, (comments are screened), and if you like, a little about yourself, or a current situation (but this is definatly not compulsary).

I can't guarantee the readings accuracy, but I can try my best.

This is first come, first serve, but if you have already had a reading in the past 3, or less months, please allow someone else to have a turn.

Comment to be accepted!
Dino and Mukuro - ....idk


Dream 5-5-08

Just a record of a dream I had the other day for my own reference, but anyone is welcome to read/interpret.

The origins of the dream are hazy, and I only remember the 'important' parts. There was a widing road, specifically winding to the left, curving, and going downwards. It had no markings that I remember, and was just a tar road. On either side of this road were Oriental-looking buildings, Japanese resteurants, shacks, but more importantly, there were Kitsune statues everywhere. They were all painted white, with red faces, and bibs. They looked kind of eeiree, and having hundreds and hundreds of these Kitsune staring down at me was quite scary. I felt a kind of fear, but also an awareness that every single one of these statues contained a Spirit, and these Spirits were all watching my every move.

On the road was a few people, walking together, downwards. It was Momo, Jay, and MAYBE Mello, but I can't remember who the third person was, so I can't confirm it. For some reason, I couldn't go near them, and was watching from the sides, moving between buildings, and hiding behind statues. I don't think I was physical, more like a Spirit of some sort, or an animal.

It ended where I laid down on a Kirin statue, not going after them, watching them disappear off the road, and out of my dream. It was bizarre, and seemingly a powerful dream. I'm not really sure what to think of it at all.

InterpretationsCollapse )

Apr. 29th, 2008

Dino and Mukuro - ....idk


Animal Card reading

I'm opening for one card reading tonight (29th April), around 7-8pm UK-London time.

The reading will be done either via msn, or via email. With the email, you are allowed to email back for further questions (based on the original cards brought up) if you want, and msn is in real-time. For tonight, I'd prefer email.

I can't guarantee the readings accuracy, especially as I haven't read for 3 months, but I can try my best.

This is first come, first serve, but if you have already had a reading in the past 3, or less months, please allow someone else to have a turn.

Comment to be accepted! I'll be opening more soon, too.

Apr. 27th, 2008

Dino and Mukuro - ....idk


Psychic Fair Report

Wow, I haven't updated here in a long while. In a way, I've taken a break from my spirituality, which in my opinion, is not particulary a good thing to do. But sometimes life gets that way, huh. We all know that familiar feeling, where seemingly lesser important activities like meditation get pushed to the back of the days schedule, and inevitably, forgotten. However, I feel that I am currently at a stage where I need that push, and will be turning to Spirit once again.

Today I attended a Psychic fair held by the 'Angelight School Of Spiritual And Psychic Advancement', a school which sets out to introduce, promote and help develop psychic awareness in Wales, and the UK. I have attended one of their courses, led by Elaine, and was very impressed. The course showed me that I have a talent for energy reading, and psychometry, the latter of which I never practised further. And the energy reading, well it again, got lost with my lifestyle.

Reports on the various talks, animal reiki, nature spirits and mediumshipCollapse )

All in all, it was a fantastic day, and I'm so glad I attended. We had free passes, due to being members of the school anyways, and the talks were free. Next April, HOPEFULLY, I MIGHT have a stand, reading animal cards and selling prints/sketches, but it depends on my confidence. Practise, practise, practise, eh?

Good wishes and Blessed Be.

Jan. 31st, 2008

Dino and Mukuro - ....idk


Meditation - Deep Forest

Tonight I decided to do an unguided meditation, using only some drumming music I have. This was an interesting meditation from which I didn't lose focus at all. I'm not sure if this is classed as journeying, but it seemed kind of like it.

Forest MeditationCollapse )

This was a pretty interesting meditation, and I'd especially love to hear your views on what you think the hut might possibly represent. I think I should do unguided meditations more often.

Jan. 30th, 2008

Dino and Mukuro - ....idk



Its always fun to notice animal medicine as its working. Both Eagle and Rat have had an input in my life recently. I've found that usually, when I have a certain affinity to a certain animal beyond 'omg its cute', I usually need to take that animals medicine. Eagle came to me in that wonderful dream on Christmas day, and since has made random appearances. Rat is popping up everywhere, and inspired my life path slightly, helping me through my depression.

Also, I tried out recording my own voice and working to that, which worked okay, actually XD For some reason, in meditation, the whole 'omg thats my voice and its horrible' thing just goes away. I searched Google for 'cleansing meditation', and the first one that came up involved imagining yourself as an Eagle. Heheh. I need to make it longer next time though. But just doing that one, 5 minute meditation has changed my entire mood for the entire night. Isn't the human mind an amazing thing.

Thanks to the Spirits for allowing me to work with them. I just thought I needed to make a post of thanks. <3
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